About the conference

Previously known as the National Conference of Laboratory Animal Science (NCLAS), the LASAM International Conference (LIC) kicks off in 2020 with a new international platform that brings together animal users and carers from around the world to explore the latest in the field of Laboratory Animal Science and related research outputs.

Our conference theme, "Global Trends of Animal Research Advancement" is meant to inspire discussions of how to best conduct research using animals in the most humane and effective ways. In addition to advancing the 3Rs of animal welfare, it is also important to ensure the wellbeing of researchers and all who work and care for research animals.

LIC2020 sessions will be on animal ethics and welfare, animal biosafety and risk assessments, animal science and behaviour, and translational research, with extra sessions on the emerging zebrafish animal model, as well as features of e-Learning that can improve our teaching and learning experiences in animal science.

Who should attend?

Academics, researchers, science officers, assistant science officers, veterinary assistants, research assistants, animal care technologists, medical lab assistants, medical lab technologists, post-graduate students, and all who use and care for laboratory animals